crop killer biographyFate laid the seeds of Crop Killer when Lorin met Derek in a "band" after moving to Phoenix. Lorin didn't last long in that project, and apparently neither did Derek, and a year or so later, Lorin got a text from him saying something along the lines of "Hey man, I'm starting something with some friends of mine & we need a bass player. It's punk shit. Interested?" The initial jams went well enough and Crop Killer was born. It was a 5 piece at first. Two guitar players. Lorin doesn't remember the name of the guy who quit, but he obviously wasn't into it. He never learned any parts. No biggie, it was noisy enough. And Daniel was actually a pretty good singer, which is evident if you listen to his vocals on our first "album." That was pretty much a rush job, recorded in 4 hours for less than $200.  Than Daniel decided to move to Austin, ending phase one.

Phase 2 started with a long, painful quest for a singer. If you've ever been foolish enough to blindly "audition" singers for a rock band in a city like Phoenix, you'll eventually realize it's a colossal waste of time. A local comedian was even considered at one point. He seemed into it until the 1st rehearsal when he expressed his disdain for one of Grant's distortion pedals. He actually pointed at it and said "dude, I hate that fucking pedal." The search only went downhill from there until we finally decided to just make a go at it as a trio. Phase 3 would probably be writing & recording all the Chickens songs, with Lorin doing all vocals. Grant added a few bits on Nancy. It looks like he'll be singing a lot on the next one. The trio format worked out best in the end anyway, because more would pretty much cramp the jam space, which is currently Lorin's spare bedroom. And CK can make enough at local gigs to at least pay our tabs. So there it is. Now you know some Crop Killer history.